Why Seniors Need Regular Medical Checkups

Regular medical checkups are important for seniors, as routine examinations can help address health issues in a timely manner.

During a regular medical checkup with your primary care physician, you will receive a series of tests and screenings to determine your overall bill of health. You may need to visit with your doctor more than once per year if you have developed a health condition requiring frequent monitoring.

However, every senior citizen should visit his or her doctor at least once per year to conduct a routine medical exam just to make sure everything is okay.

You may think you can skip a year when scheduling your medical checkup, but doing so could prove costly. Many serious health issues that can develop in seniors can appear with undetectable symptoms.

The only way to catch these problems in the early stages is to receive routine screenings at your regular medical checkup with your doctor each year.

Routine Testing Is Essential for Seniors

There are numerous tests you will need to receive as you advance into the senior stages of life. Conducting these tests at your regular medical checkup will help your doctor diagnose any short-term or long-term health conditions you may be suffering from.

By scheduling a medical exam annually with your doctor, you will be able to work together to track your development or deterioration in each area of your overall health. At your yearly checkup, you doctor will run a series of tests and compare the results from each against the results emitted in your previous examinations.

Routine testing for seniors can include:

  • Blood pressure screenings.
  • Height measurement.
  • Weight measurement.
  • Blood work to test for cholesterol and other various ailments.
  • EKG to screen and monitor your heart health.
  • Fecal occult blood tests.
  • Colonoscopy.
  • Sigmoidoscopy.

Your doctor may choose to administer other necessary health examinations based upon your medical records, current risk factors and hereditary health implications. Each year, your doctor will ask you a series of questions relating to your health to determine what tests are needed and what factors may need consistent monitoring in the future.

The Importance of Receiving a Regular Medical Checkup

Seniors can develop various health issues in a short span of time. Issues, such as hearing loss and vision loss, can evolve progressively over the course of several months. Scheduling regular medical checkups with your doctor can help detect these issues before they become more severe.

Even if you believe you are healthy and do not feel as though you are suffering from any medical issues, conducting a routine screening can strengthen this assumption. Your doctor may also be able to make further suggestions pertaining to how you can maintain a healthy and active lifestyle well into your senior years.

In addition to receiving health suggestions from your doctor, a regular medical checkup can help you develop a bond with your primary care physician. The more frequently you see your doctor, the easier it will become to discuss important health issues with him or her should these problems begin to occur.

You may feel better about speaking to your doctor about issues with your heart health or brain health if you have already built a relationship with your physician over time. When you are comfortable speaking honestly with your doctor, you will be able to notify him or her of any potential medical warning signs you may be experiencing.

You may also find it beneficial to receive a routine medical exam from your doctor to have an established time to discuss your overall health. If you are a healthy individual, monitoring your blood pressure, cholesterol and other levels will help you to stay on track in terms of maintaining your existing lifestyle.

Changes in your cholesterol could indicate a change needs to be made in your diet, which you would not be able to determine if you were to skip your regular medical checkup because you believe you do not need one.

Additional Benefits of Conducting a Regular Medical Checkup

Conducting a regular medical checkup with your primary care physician has numerous benefits in addition to monitoring your overall health progression. During a routine medical exam, you will be able to discuss your current medication and indicate whether you are suffering from unfavorable side effects due to the medicine you are taking.

By reviewing your list of medications each year, your doctor will be able to determine if the medication is effective or if it is still needed to treat your initial ailment. You may have made progress in your health since your last visit to the doctor and could potentially be taken off your medication if your doctor deems you fit to do so.

To avoid taking medication for an unnecessary amount of time, attend your annual medical checkups to track your progress.

Another benefit of attending your regular medical checkup is to determine whether you are due for any vaccines in the upcoming year. By establishing this in advance, you will avoid having to take multiple trips to the doctor to receive your vaccines at varying points throughout the year.

When you conduct a regular medical checkup, your doctor will be able to tell you what vaccines you need and can administer them to you while you are already onsite.

Additional healthcare tests can be conducted during your routine medical exam. If you have a health condition requiring consistent monitoring, an annual medical checkup will ensure you are staying on top of this condition and tracking any possible changes in its development.

For example, if you have diabetes, conducting a routine medical checkup will help you to track your blood sugar levels more effectively. For those of you who are suffering from mental health or behavioral health issues, you can address these issues with your doctor during your regular medical checkup.

A medical checkup with your doctor is needed as it will test and keep track of every development you have in your overall health, whether it be physically or mentally.

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